Wedding Prep: How To look And Feel Your Best For Your Wedding
Wedding Prep: How To look And Feel Your Best For Your Wedding
BeautyJanuary 17, 2023 Wedding Prep: How To look And Feel Your Best For Your Wedding By Gemma Hayes You’ve been looking forward to this day since you were a small kid. When you fall in love with the guy of your dreams,… Read More

From the time you were a wee youngster, you've been counting down the days to this magical moment: falling head over heels in love with your dream guy and tying the knot with him. However, the steps leading up to your big wedding day are anything but easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The race to the altar has officially kicked off, and in the midst of all the madness, you've got to book your hair and makeup trials, head to your colorist, and whiten your chompers. With a million other things to juggle, you do not want to worry about your wedding photography. Don't fret! With some useful pointers, you can skip the expensive personal trainers and stylists and be good to go.

Care For Your Skin

With your wedding gown, invites, and location all taken care of, it's time to focus on yourself. Who wants to slather foundation all over acne and breakouts? Not you! So, start caring for your skin at least six weeks in advance. The stress of the wedding planning could make even the sturdiest of skin tones buckle under pressure. Add some fish oil supplements to your daily regimen to perk up your skin. From head to toe, mismanaged stress can result in a plethora of beauty blunders.

Diet and Exercise

Avoid yoga and Pilates classes, and instead opt for some good old-fashioned cardio and weightlifting workouts. These latter options offer better ROI. Snack on low-fat, low-calorie foods, and remember, losing weight and toning your body is a numbers game and a science. The key is to burn more calories than you consume. Lower your carb intake and up your protein and veggie intake. Eating correctly and exercising religiously will keep you from embarking on a crash diet a month before the wedding. This combo will have you looking fabulous while maintaining healthy skin and luscious locks.

Schedule Your Makeup and Hair Trial

Set up your makeup and hair trial in sync with the dates on your wedding invitation cards, so you can experiment with different styles and find what suits you best. By now, you should have identified who will be in charge of your hair and makeup on the big day. Schedule a session to try on a variety of looks. Bring inspiration images of haircuts and makeup trends, and don't be shy about expressing what you don't like. That's what the trial is for: sampling numerous appearances until you're delighted with the final outcome! After all, photographs are timeless while your special style and look should be highlighted. Instead of scouring the internet for someone else's aesthetic, focus on bringing your unique style and appearance to life. You don't want your future spouse to feel like they're staring at a stranger walking down the aisle!


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