Seven Steps To Achieve The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look
Seven Steps To Achieve The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look
BeautySeptember 27, 2022 Seven Steps To Achieve The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look By Gemma Hayes If you have ever wondered how some people look so great without any makeup, the secret is that they are probably wearing a full… Read More

If you've ever been curious about how some individuals manage to look swell without any makeup, the secret is that they probably have a full face of products on and you're just not cognizant of it. One of the most stylish makeup looks of 2022 that will continue to gain momentum throughout the incoming year is the 'no-makeup' makeup look.

This kind of aesthetics is purposefully designed to help you accentuate and enhance your innate attributes. It is oriented towards creating a stunning, poised, and fresh outlook with a minimal amount of products. If you are keen to give this makeup look a try, here are seven steps that are crucial in achieving the 'no-makeup' makeup look...

1. Skin Preparation

The foundation of every 'no-makeup' look is to attain radiant and hydrated skin, thus why preparation is the initial step in this beauty regimen. Initiating with a clean canvas is always the best approach, so splash your face a few times with cold water and apply your preferred hydrating cream. Once that has been absorbed entirely, you can begin to apply your makeup products. If dryness is an issue you face with your skin, our recommendation is that you first apply an intensive mask.

2. Use a Primer

Not everyone is familiar with what primer is and how it should be used, however, this is a necessary product for achieving the 'no makeup' look. Primer is utilized to establish a steady foundation for your makeup to sit on. A good primer can result in your makeup staying put for six hours instead of just sixty minutes, ensuring a long-lasting effect. Be certain to include this critical step in your beauty routine.

3. Choose Light Coverage

Full coverage may not be the appropriate option if you are trying to achieve a natural look, as these types of foundation can at times appear cakey. Instead, we recommend using a product with light coverage. Tinted moisturizers, like BB or CC creams, are excellent options for achieving that luminescent and radiant look. They offer a slight level of coverage but also let unique features, such as freckles, shine through.

4. Add a Natural Bronzer

Next on the list is a natural bronzer. You'll want to apply this with a gentle hand to areas where sun typically hits your face, for example, your temples, chin, nose, and cheeks. Be sure to blend the bronzer as much as possible for it to look as subtle as possible. Cream or liquid products can enhance that dewy look we're after, and they're considerably easier to blend than powder products.

5. Fluff Up Your Brows

The 'no makeup' look is solely about bringing attention to your natural eyebrows! Use a clear brow gel and fluff up your eyebrows to keep them in place all day. You can also achieve the same effect with brow soap and a spoolie or brush. For those who must have some brow makeup, we recommend filling in your brows delicately with a makeup pen or pencil. Ensure that you use light strokes without going overboard with the definition, as doing this will make them appear too fake. You should also find a color that matches as closely to your natural eyebrow color as possible.

6. Use Natural Tone Blush

We all love a bit of blush, but just like the bronzer, it's important to keep this light and simple. Give yourself a natural flush by picking a color that doesn't contrast with your skin tone too much. Add a bit on your cheeks and be sure to blend as much as possible. You can start off lightly and add more product as you see fit. It's also a great idea to invest in a combo product that you can apply to both your lips and cheeks.

7. Skip The Mascara Altogether

You might gasp in disbelief at the thought of foregoing mascara altogether, but it is a 'no makeup' look after all, and mascara is one of the biggest giveaways. Instead, why not try curling your eyelashes. If you're fully committed, we recommend opting for a lash lift that will keep your lashes looking long and makeup-free for weeks on end.

Bold makeup is an excellent option for important events and big nights out. Nonetheless, the 'no makeup' look is the perfect alternative for days when you merely want to appear as fresh as possible. It's the best way to pretend that you rolled out of bed appearing flawless, and it only takes a few minutes out of your morning routine. Remember, less is more with achieving this look, so keep it light, and add product in small doses wherever required.


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